The Micromachine Summit was first organized in 1995 by the Micromachine Center (Japan) with near 30 representatives from 10 countries. To date, the Micromachine Summit has near 80 representatives from more than 25 countries/regions.

Past Events:

1st Kyoto Japan 1995
2nd Montreux Switzerland 1996
3rd Vancouver Canada 1997
4th Melbourne Australia 1998
5th Glasgow Scotland 1999
6th Hiroshima Japan 2000
7th Freiburg Germany 2001
8th Maastricht Netherlands 2002
9th (Cancelled) 2003
10th Grenoble France 2004
11th Dallas U.S.A. 2005
12th Beijing China 2006
13th Venice Italy 2007
14th Daejeon Korea 2008
15th Edmonton Canada 2009
16th Dortmund Germany 2010
17th Ras Al Khaimah U.A.E 2011
18th Taiwan Taiwan 2012
19th Shanghai China 2013
20th Sao Paulo Brazil 2014
21st Berlin Germany 2015

More information on the World Micromachine Summit: