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Welcome to the 22nd World Micromachine Summit 2016 Homepage!

We are very pleased to announce that the 22nd World Micromachine Summit (MMS 2016) will be held in Tokyo, Japan during May 24 - 27, 2016.

The MMS 2016 will be organized by Japanese delegations.

Special interest topics for this MMS2016 are "Aging Society and Health (Medical Applications of MEMS)" in addition to MST for smart system of many applications such as wearable systems, infrastructure-monitoring systems and next-generation vehicles.

Tokyo is both the capital and the metropolitan city of Japan with more than 13 million inhabitants and is ranked fourth among the largest cities on the planet.

Tokyo is famous for "O-mo-te-na-shi " from the OLYMPIC 2020 FINAL Presentation. "Omotenashi " in Japanese means hospitality (the welcoming spirit). Please enjoy our "Omotenashi "spirits in Tokyo.

We look forward to welcoming you in Tokyo, Japan!

About Micromachine Summit

The Micromachine Summit was first organized in 1995 by the Micromachine Center (Japan), and "The 1st Micromachine Summit 1995" was held on March 13 - 15, 1995 in Kyoto, Japan.

Summit 1995

The Micromachine Summit provides a Micro-Nano Technology snapshot to worldwide industrial, academic and government initiatives. Delegations from the most important regions and countries in the Microtechnology arena participate in this Summit. Delegates gather in a roundtable environment to address the topics of special interests and discuss the progress and policies in each country and region.


Prof. Shimoyama

Prof. Isao Shimoyama
Chief Delegate of Japan
Director of Information and
Robot Technology Research Initiative
The University of Tokyo

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